December 21, 2015
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This holiday season (and really all year round), we encourage you to give back to your community.

There’s a wonderful arts community, a wonderful books community, and a wonderful comics community, and they all have organizations that fight censorship, provide for authors and artists when they’re struggling with health problems, give grants to creative works, organize events and programs, and provide resources for everyone in the community.  We’re so lucky to have all of them behind us, supporting everything publishers do in the United States.

If you have anything to spare, consider giving to them!  Helping out the organizations that support the community strengthens everyone, and gives us all a stronger literary landscape to exist within.

And — if you don’t have anything to spare, consider inquiring about volunteer work!  Almost everyone could use some creative or design help — or even just a few hours of stuffing envelopes.

Happy holidays!

December 17, 2015
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In winter 2016, we’ll be publishing some books!

They are all of a very high quality, and we are delighted to have them on our list.


We know you will enjoy them as well!


Because of the magic of ‘shipping things from China taking an extremely long time because there’s lots of water and then a whole country between there and :01’s New York City offices,’ we have advance copies of all our winter 2016 titles now!


(And they are very attractive.)


We’re excited about all of these, and we hope you are too.  Winter can’t come soon enough!

December 14, 2015
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In 2015, we published some books.

Lots of books!


Piles of books!

(Why yes, we always organize our book-piles in age-order.)


They are all very handsome.


And they have attractive covers and spines.


(Also, great insides!)


(not pictured here)


We’re so proud to be the publishers of these marvelous graphic novels!  If you haven’t read them yet, we hope you can check them all out.

December 10, 2015
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New book new book!  We just got in advance copies of Faith Erin Hicks’ upcoming epic graphic novel The Nameless City.  And it looks lovely!


(This book is going to be so good, you guys.)

Here is the cover!  The bit around the title looks extra shiny because it’s got a) spot gloss and b) embossing.  So cool!


Our main edition (as usual!) is the trade paperback; we’re also doing a paper-over-board hardcover (that means it doesn’t have a jacket) for this book.  Here they both are together.




If you’ve seen pictures of the galley, you’ll see that the mysterious semi-circle on the spine lines us with the official Nameless City sigil/insignia.  Like so:


Here are a few of the spines together.  They are very handsome!


And the hardcover and paperback spines together!


Here’s the title page.  This book has French flaps (with great line-art on them).  And what’s that peaking out from under them?


It is a map!  (To my great delight, the map has a sea serpent!)


Interior pages!  While Faith did the art for this book, the colors were done by Jordie Bellaire, and they look lovely.


Here is a page with both main characters on it!


And the inside back cover!


Aw, what great quotes these are!  (This is the back cover.)


Faith Erin Hicks’ The Nameless City is going to be in stores in April!  And you should definitely buy it — it’s going to be fantastic.

December 7, 2015
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We’re delighted to share some preview pictures of volume four in the Last Man series by Bastien Vives, Michael Sanlaville, and Balak: The Show!  In this book, more excitement, adventure, magic, and tournament fighting than ever.  It is now in the office!

We hope you’re following along with this addictive series; if not, now’s the time to start!

Here’s the cover!


And all the spines!  They are very handsome spines.


Here are the spines of the first four books together.  You can see the alternating color scheme!


Spine art!


And here is the end — the back cover (complete with dramatic beard-wearing!).


The Show is on sale in February!  We’re excited to share the next volume in the Last Man series with you.

November 9, 2015
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Tony Cliff’s graphic novel Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is just marvelous, so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to present you with the second volume: Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling.  This book takes Delilah and Selim to England, where they must deal with spies, adventures, and worst of all . . . high society!  Will the British enjoy Selim’s excellent tea?  Will Delilah have to wear dresses?  Stay tuned to find out!

Here’s the cover of the book.  You can see that British society and Delilah are not really getting along here.


We love the teal and purple combination when you look at the two covers together!  Also you can clearly see that the cover type is in a shiny silver foil — yay that!


Looking for more?  This book is long — 272 pages!  So there’s lots of Delilah Dirk reading and adventures ahead of you.


Here’s a set of the spines together.  This book is very handsome!


You can see by the spines how much longer the second book is than the first!


Speaking of spies . . . here’s Major Jason Merrick on the inside front flap.  Watch out for him, you guys — and definitely don’t entrust him with your Napoleonic War secrets.


Interiors!  Tony Cliff draws amazing art.


This spread may or may not have dresses!


Acknowledgements and inside back flap!  You’ll see that Tony does a lot of research to make these books happen (flying ships regardless).


Did you still have doubts about buying this book?  Doubt no longer — see what amazing people are fans?


Back covers together forever!


Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling will be coming your way in March — we can’t wait for you to read this great book!

November 5, 2015
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James Kochalka’s wonderful, brightly-colored, silliness-positive Glorkian Warrior trilogy comes to an end this winter, with The Glorkian Warrior and the Mustache of Destiny.  It features . . . a mustache!  And also some children.  (And coffee.)

I love how bright and fun the colors of this book are!  It just looks so inviting.


We’re publishing two simultaneous editions — paperback and hardcover — for double your brightly-colored, silly reading entertainment!


This book is so attractive.


And the spine has tiny Glorkian Warriors with even-tinier mustaches!


Just look at that mustache!  It is clearly a mustache of destiny.


Here are the aforementioned kids that the Glorkian Warrior must deal with.  As usual, he is completely unprepared.


Kids!  They’re on the back cover, too.


This book is going to be fantastic!  We can’t wait for you to read it in March, when it’ll be coming your way.

November 2, 2015
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We’re delighted to be publishing George O’Connor’s latest Olympians graphic novel, Apollo!  This is the story of the god of music, prophecy, and more.

Apollo is pictured on the cover here with the muses, obviously important to that whole music deity-ship.


We’re also publishing a hardcover edition of this graphic novel, as per usual!  It looks like this.


Does Apollo’s bow seem shiny?  That’s because it is!  The bow is printed in gold foil, and it looks fantastic.


And here’s the spine!


Here’s the inside front cover — complete with a ginormous family tree!  And the title page.


George’s superhero-y gods are back, and as dramatic as ever!


(Remind me never to get into an adventure with the Greek gods.  They don’t seem to be super-careful about mortals.)


The back cover has all the books so far!  This is the eighth volume of the series.  Four more to go!


Apollo will be in stores in January.  We can’t wait to share this book with you!

October 20, 2015
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Omaha Beach on D-Day 300 RGB

We’re delighted to present our newest nonfiction graphic novel: Omaha Beach on D-Day, based on the classic photograph by Robert Capa, written by Jean-David Morvan and illustrated by Dominique Bertail.

This graphic novel celebrates the famous photograph (pictured on the top half of the cover) taken by Robert Capa during the D-Day invasion.  Morvan and Bertail take that image and tell the story behind the process of taking it, from the perspective of Capa himself.  In this book, you’ll also find some historical essays on Capa and photography that give a new look to the career of the photojournalist.  It’s a serious, solemn peril-filled moment of our history, and we’re glad to share it with you.

We hope you enjoy this new window into our history!

October 15, 2015
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We’re over the moon to be publishing Sara Varon’s wonderful graphic novel Sweaterweather!  It’s an adorable collection of short stories that are some of Sara’s finest — told in a three-color palette.

We love this book!

(Does this book look familiar to you?  The original edition of Sweaterweather was published by Alternative Comics over ten years ago.  We’re bringing it back with lots of additional content.)

Like all of Sara’s books, Sweaterweather is a delightful thing to look at.


They’re making sweaters!  On the cover!


And then the spine has a tiny sweater-snowstorm.




Then the back cover is a snuggly winter scene!  You guys: so adorable.


(This cover also has an exciting snowstorm-y surprise under the jacket, but we’re going to not show you that yet.  It’ll be a surprise!)


Printed ends!  We love printed endpapers, especially two-color ones.  This endpaper is primed for adventure!


Here’s a page from one of the stories.


And another, where Sara tells about her inspiration.


The back flap has a penguin!  That’s all I need to say; who can resist a good penguin?

Sweaterweather will be out in February — perfect weather for sweaters!  We can’t wait to share it with you.